New National ID cards can now be obtained through Electronic Machines at Civil Status Buildings: Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior has declared that electronic machines can now dispense ID card forms within the Civil Status buildings, without the assistance of employees.

The machine itself will facilitate payment for the form’s value, according to the ministry.

The cost of the national ID card form for VIP 2023 varies based on the speed of issuance and comes in three different types. The cost of a VIP form is LE170 and guarantees that the ID card will be received within 24 hours. The urgent form will result in a new card in three days for LE120. The regular form takes 15 days to produce and is priced at LE45.

In 2023, certain conditions must be met in order to receive a national ID. The applicant must be of Egyptian nationality and at least 15 years of age. Furthermore, they must be registered and have information in the civil registry.

To receive the national ID card, certain documents are required, including the numerical number card form acquired from the civil registry or any police station. Additionally, the applicant must provide proof of their profession and place of residence.

The Ministry of Interior has made several new decisions related to the national ID card. In some humanitarian cases, Civil Registry employees may be sent to hospitals or homes to obtain an ID card. Moreover, new Civil Registry offices have been established in several commercial malls in Cairo, Giza, and other governorates. ID card forms are now available through machines within the Civil Registry buildings, and payment can be made without employee assistance. Finally, working hours have been extended at some Civil Registry offices until 9 pm to assist applicants.

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