Slovenia and UAE biometric ID cards recognized for outstanding quality

The newly designed national ID cards of Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been recognized as the best new national identification cards in the regions of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East (EMEA).

According to a post on the Slovenian government’s website, the recognition was given during the 2023 High-Security Printing (PSP) EMEA Conference, which was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from March 7 to 9. The selection was made by a group of specialists in the ID and security sector who evaluated a vast array of entries. The award acknowledges exceptional quality in identity and travel documents.

The Slovenian government indicated that the new ID card, which has been distinguished for its exceptional quality, represents the most advanced technology in this field. Launched in March 2022, the document is the outcome of a collaboration between the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Public Administration, and the security printing company Cetis.

It is a state-of-the-art identification document that combines innovative technology, sophisticated security design, and the highest international standards, with advanced features comprising 34 security components, the government stated. Moreover, the card is recognized for its extensive range of features, enabling users to access numerous electronic services in both the public and private sectors, and facilitating travel to 42 countries.

At present, a diverse range of e-services can be accessed using the electronic identification card, not only in the public domain but also in the private sector.

Anticipatedly, by the conclusion of March 2023, the electronic identification card will be accessible for utilization in the healthcare insurance system in lieu of the existing health insurance card, and in the latter half of this year, it will also be obtainable for delivery of electronic amenities in other member states of the European Union.

Based on the registration of dispensed identity cards, as of 6 March 2022, a total of 1,839,439 individuals held a valid identity card, and since 28 March 2022, 408,421 fresh ID cards have been granted.

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